24th–30th June 2024 - Broadchalke, Salisbury

We are very excited to announce that we shall be moving sites in 2017, from Ebbesbourne Wake to Church Bottom in Broad Chalke.

The new site is a hidden gem, lying amidst ancient chalk pasture and narrow coombes.   An intimate spot, it is well away from the village of Broad Chalke and so noise from the festival should not greatly impact villagers.  Despite this, the site offers a number of different access points.  It is also closer to Salisbury and has improved roads leading to it.

The directors would like to thank Richard and Katie Jowett and Christo Jowett for hosting the festival for the foreseeable future, but are also enormously grateful to Tommy and Elli Hooper, the owners of Manor Farm, Ebbesbourne Wake, who generously helped them to set up and grow the festival and who worked tirelessly to make it a success.  They wish them all the very best for the future.

‘We’re obviously sad to be leaving Ebbesbourne Wake, as we’ve had five happy years there.  But Church Bottom is also an absolutely stunning spot and still in the heart of the Chalke Valley, two factors we believe are of vital importance.’   

Festival Programme Director, James Holland.

For further information, please contact Alex Hippisley-Cox on 020 8488 3764 / 07921 127077 or email her at ahipcoxpr@btconnect.com

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