This year at Chalke Valley History Festival, metal workers Ian Thackray and Will Sherman forged a 4,500 year old meteorite into fine and decorative jewellery, first created in a time before the Pharaohs or even Stonehenge.

Using researched tools and equipment, as well as rediscovered techniques from predynastic Egypt the two blacksmiths will be recreating a necklace that was buried 5200 years ago, using meteoric iron beads alongside others of lapis lazuli, carnelian and moss agate.

Over the course of 7 days at the Festival, they flattened, rolled and polished 4,500 year old Egyptian meteorite that fell in Gebel Kamil to form replica beads as found in the Gerzeh 67 tomb by Flinders Petrie.

Using nothing but blowpipes, charcoal, hammer stones and sandstone polishing blocks Ian’s theories and research attracted some of the biggest names in modern history and archaeology, including Dan Snow @thehistoryguy and stone tool legend Dr Phil Harding.

What Ian does next with this research will be fascinating!

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