Images for the programme: Greece: War and Turmoil in the 20th Century

Illustration by Johnny Bull

“That caption should read, ‘…after an idea by Peter Brookes.’ I really wanted to avoid anything classical looking for Victoria Hislop’s Friday night event, that would collide with Tom’s talks, especially something wretchedly hack, like the Acropolis with a few flames behind it and then maybe putting graffitti on it. Like you’d expect to see on a Dan Brown book cover. I had a flash of guilty inspiration when I thought of the stylish, as well as witty, Peter Brookes, who I think still draws for The Times. I remember he produced a stunning statement on the Falklands, where he tore the the map as a silhouette from the Union Jack. So, I thought, the Greek turmoil could be illustrated by this… but, it’s been burnt out. I know, I know, but I like the image… Sorry, Peter.”