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Exclusive interview with Jeremy Paxman – CVHF 2014

Notorious broadcaster and journalist Jeremy Paxman discusses with Xander Drury his recent book ‘Great Britain’s Great War’ as well as sharing his thoughts on his role as the ‘Grand Inquisitor’ and life after leaving Newsnight.

Jeremy Paxman at CVHF 2014

Jeremy Paxman at CVHF 2014


Interview with Charles Glass – CVHF 2014

Acclaimed broadcaster, journalist and writer Charles Glass talks about all things Syria, reflecting with Xander Drury on how the conflict has descended into such global crisis whilst also affording some thoughts on what is still to come in the future.

Charles Glass at CVHF 2014

Charles Glass at CVHF 2014


Interview with Kate Adie – Chalke Valley History Festival 2014

Veteran war correspondent and reporter Kate Adie talks on Day One at CVHF 2014, discussing with Xander Drury her glittering career in journalism as well as her latest book ‘Fighting on the Homefront: The Legacy of Women in World War One’.

Kate Adie at CVHF14

Kate Adie at CVHF14

Interview with Holocaust Survivor Freddie Knoller – CVHF 2014

Auschwitz survivor Freddie Knoller shares with Xander Drury his amazing story of survival. Knoller fought in the French Resistance  before being betrayed after a failed love affair and was arrested by the Gestapo.  Tortured, he was eventually sent to Auschwitz but survived both that and the Death March of January 1945. Here Knoller reveals how it was his optimistic outlook that pulled him through such unprecedented toils.

Freddie Knoller at CVHF

Freddie Knoller at CVHF


Exclusive interview with Joanna Lumley

The last video exclusive interview with actress Joanna Lumley at CVHF13, talking with Xander Drury about her involvement in this year’s CVHF writing prize whilst also sharing how it was to work alongside Martin Scorcese and Leonardo DiCaprio in her recent film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

Camera: John E Fry

Joanna Lumley and Ian Hislop basking in the sun at CVHF13

Exclusive interview with Charlie Higson

Our penultimate video exclusive from this year’s festival as Xander Drury talks to writer Charlie Higson about his latest zombie-packed adventure in The Enemy series, his time on ‘The Fast Show’ and the key to writing thrilling historical fiction.

Camera: John E Fry

Charlie Higson at CVHF13

Exclusive interview with Justin Pollard

An exclusive interview with Justin Pollard, historical advisor on everything from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ to ‘The Tudors’ as he discusses with John Fry his new history panel show ‘Histrionics’ and shares his delight at being involved in this year’s festival.

Camera: John E Fry

Ian Hislop and Neil Oliver getting their teeth into CVHF’s own panel show, ‘Histrionics’

Interview with James Heneage

James Heneage, co-founder of the Chalke Valley History Festival, shares with John E Fry his highlights of CVHF13, the secrets behind its unprecedented success and the plans for next year’s festival.

James Heneage speaking at CVHF13

Exclusive interview with Dave Allan from Pike & Shot

An exclusive interview with Dave Allan, managing director of Pike and Shot events as he discusses with Xander Drury the Living History elements of CVHF13 and shares the secrets behind its incredible popularity and success.

Plus clips from the brilliant CVHF Air Show.

Camera: John E Fry

Exclusive interview with Rupert Everett and Sir Tom Stoppard

An exclusive interview with the award-winning actor Rupert Everett alongside the award-winning playwright Sir Tom Stoppard talking Oscar Wilde with Xander Drury on the last day of CVHF13.

A rare chance to see these two legends of the stage together – not to be missed!

Camera: John E Fry