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BBC South Today: Chalke Valley History Festival Begins Today

In case you missed it..

Interview with Kate Adie – Chalke Valley History Festival 2014

Veteran war correspondent and reporter Kate Adie talks on Day One at CVHF 2014, discussing with Xander Drury her glittering career in journalism as well as her latest book ‘Fighting on the Homefront: The Legacy of Women in World War One’.

Kate Adie at CVHF14

Kate Adie at CVHF14

Send your questions for Historians’ Question Time

Historians' Question Time on Sunday

Historians’ Question Time on Sunday

As the action-packed weekend at this year’s festival begins to come into sight, Helen Castor and BBC Radio 4’s Making History are calling on YOU to join in the debate when Historiansʼ Question Time returns to the Chalke Valley History Festival this Sunday.

What would you like to ask the panel?

Send us your questions for David Reynolds, Jon Snow, Andrea Wulf and Suzannah Lipscomb to making.history@bbc.co.uk

Click here for more information on how to secure tickets for this event.

Exclusive interview with Ian Hislop

An exclusive interview with Ian Hislop at CVHF13, discussing with Xander Drury his fascination with Britain’s ‘Stiff Upper Lip’, his 23 years on ‘Have I Got News For You’ and his take on Boris Johnson’s unstoppable rise.

Camera: John E Fry

Ian Hislop at CVHF13

Exclusive interview with Charles Moore

Xander Drury catches up with Charles Moore on Day Three of the Chalke Valley History Festival 2013. As the authorized biographer of Margaret Thatcher, he discusses his approach to the first volume ‘Not For Turning’ and speculates her place in history.

Camera: John E Fry

Charles Moore in conversation with Xander Drury at CVHF13