Chalke History Festival 2024 Set To Be The Biggest And Best Yet!

Over the past decade, the Chalke History Festival has firmly established itself as one of the must-attend events of the year.

This year’s week-long festival (June 24th – 30th) promises to be the biggest and best one yet, with exciting, new announcements continually being added to an already stellar line-up. 

Podcast enthusiasts are in for a treat this year, as hosts from two of the UK’s most successful podcasts will be at the festival. Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook, hosts of ‘The Rest is History,’ the most downloaded history podcast globally, will share their incredible historical knowledge with wit and camaraderie. Additionally, James Holland and Al Murray will host an episode of their entertaining ‘We Have Ways of Making You Talk’ podcast, exploring World War Two with humour and expert knowledge.

The festival is renowned for its show-stopping arena displays, and this year is no exception. Historic Equitation, led by renowned horseman Dominic Sewell, will demonstrate the social, economic, and military importance of horses throughout history, delivering a spectacular display in the arena on Saturday and Sunday.

Household Names Join the Line Up

Newcomers to the festival include Journalist James May, co-presenter of ‘The Grand Tour,’ who will speak about his favourite subject, cars; and actor, comedian and TV presenter Michael Palin, discussing his biography of his great-uncle Harry, a casualty of the First World War.

Award-winning historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes will be returning to talk about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and acclaimed journalist, broadcaster and President of the School of Oriental and African Studies Zeinab Badawi will be talking about her new book on the history of Africa. Throughout the week, distinguished historians and scholars will share their expertise on various topics, providing fascinating insights into different periods of history.

Adding to the performance programme is Rattlebox Theatre, enchanting audiences with puppetry and storytelling, presenting an adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf. Actor and raconteur Adam Schuch-des Forges will also share incredible tales of the 2nd Battalion of the East Yorkshire Regiment, via the most remarkable officer you’ve never heard of – Major BANGER King!

Join Us At The World’s Biggest History Festival

The diverse range of activities and experiences at the Festival appeal to both history buffs and casual visitors alike. A mixture of talks, performance and living history combined with the quintessential elements of an English festival; camping, live music and delicious food and drink make for a truly magical atmosphere.

For the first time in 2024, early bird weekly tickets are now available which offer a fantastically reduced rate if bought for the whole 7 days. Students can purchase half-price weekly tickets with an additional reduction for camping. Camping and glamping bookings are now open through our new website. 

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of the festival, and enthusiastic individuals are invited to join the team. The application process is now open via the website.

In the spirit of the 80th anniversary since D-Day, the Chalke History Festival is set to become an even more dynamic hub for inspiring, thought-provoking, and intellectually challenging discussions about the past. The aim is to bring together the most passionate minds in academic historical investigation and debate. By re-examining history through fresh perspectives and reliving historical moments through sights, sounds, challenges, and experiences, the festival hopes to inspire visitors by connecting them to their origins, enlightening the present, and envisioning possibilities for the future.

Tickets are on sale now! Sign up to the Chalke History Festival newsletter and check for updates.