People’s DNA: A People’s History

Recording from Alistair Moffat’s talk ‘People’s DNA: A People’s History at CVHF on Thursday, 27th June 2013.

Hidden inside all of us – every human being on Earth – is the story of our ancestry. Printed on our DNA are the origins of our lineages, the time in history and prehistory when they arose, and the epic journeys people have made across the globe. Based on exciting new research involving the most wide-ranging sampling of DNA ever made in Britain, Alistair Moffat will show how all of us who live on these islands are immigrants. The last ice age erased any trace of more ancient inhabitants, and the ancestors of everyone who now lives in Britain came here after the glaciers retreated and the land greened once more. This talk is about an epic, often profoundly moving and astonishing, journey. From Africa to caves in southern France and across Europe, Alistair Moffat will reveal a very different and new history of Britain.