The Lady In The Tower: The fall of Anne Boleyn

Recording from Anne Weir’s talk “The Lady in the tower: the fall of Anne Boyleyn’, for CVHF 2013, Sunday 30th June 2013.

Anne Boleyn has a place in history as one of the most attractive, intriguing and bewitching queens to have occupied the English throne. So many questions remain unanswered. Did Henry VIII tell Cromwell to frame her so that he could marry Jane Seymour? Or was Anne, in fact, guilty as charged? Certainly, the speed of her downfall was impressive. On 2nd May 1536, she was sent to the Tower; on 15th May, she was tried and four days later she was dead. Alison Weir is one of our most popular historians and historical novelists, and brings her vast knowledge of the period to tell a story as scintillating as it is tragic.