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Highlights of Knight’s Cross Winner, Günter Halm’s talk at CVHF

Günter Halm, a veteran of the Second World War, fought under Rommel in the Deutsches Afrikakorps, won the Knight’s Cross for his part in the First Battle of Alamein in July 1942 and later served in Normandy. In his talk at Chalke Valley History Festival on Saturday, 2nd July, he discussed his wartime memories in what was a truly fascinating morning.

CVHF 2016: Günter Halm Highlights from Chalke Valley History Trust on Vimeo.

Deutsches Afrikakorps Knight’s Cross Winner

This extraordinary clip is from the German newsreel ‘Die Deutsche Wochenschau’ produced by Josef Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry from 1940 until the end of the war.  This particular episode clip shows Günter Halm receiving his Knight’s Cross from Field Marshal Erwin Rommel for destroying nine British tanks at the First Battle of Alamein in 1942.

Herr Halm will be appearing at this year’s festival, and will be speaking on Sunday 3rd July about his wartime career and his time serving under Rommel with the Deutsches Afrikakorps and then during the Battle for Normandy in 1944.  It promises to be a fascinating and very special occasion. You can book tickets for this event here.